Mano Y Mano Ministries

Mano Y Mano Ministries works Hand in Hand with Christ, to help and equip Christian Businesses, Organizations and Non-Profits with the restoration of His people. It is accomplished through equipping, instructing, training, providing guidance and “Moving Beyond your Limitations, to become  more effective and more efficient stewards of the resources and responsibilities God has provided.

Who we work with:

    • Christian Businesses, Organizations and Non-Profits
    • Whose purpose is the restorations of God’s people

What we do:

    • Equip financially
    • Provide instruction and training
    • Provide guidance through coaching and consulting

 How we do it:

    • Seminars, workshops, speaking engagements
    • Robert’s forthcoming book, “Moving Beyond your Limitations” -building a business that causes God to smile
    • Grants


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